Motion Design

Where design meets animation.

Choosing a motion-designed video can be a cost-effective and simplistic way to tell a story. With a more traditional approach, our 2D animators will use a combination of beautiful designs, and specialist software. Once your creative concepts have been created, we can develop storyboards, ready to ‘tell your story’.

Giving it some character

Firstly, we focus on asset creation, a process in which we design the characters, environments we might see them in and any necessary props which would feature. During these initial steps, we work on facial expressions, limb movements to consider how the body may sit at certain angles. The design team understand the importance of how a character looks, so that they may convey exactly the right emotion on-screen; happy, sad, nervous and so on.

Motion Design has a number of key benefits that can be shown here.

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Don’t break the bank

Most 2D animation has a shorter production timeline, meaning it’s the most cost-effective way to tell your story and promote a product or service. It’s also extremely easy to update these animations over time to keep them looking fresh.

Communicate with ease

Infographic animation allows us to communicate more easily to a wider range of audiences. This makes communicating complex topics, such as training and technical information, easier for viewers to understand.

Attention grabbing

We can’t hide the fact that an animated video will grab and hold your audience's attention. Search engines favour videos, those videos will maximise traffic and will be more visible online, driving more traffic to your website.


Depending on your needs, 2D animation could be a great option for you and your business. It's versatile and can be used to communicate any type of information. Think about how you and your business could benefit from 2D animation.

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We make things move

Our team of imaginative visual thinkers approach each project from all directions to ensure a new approach and help you build stronger real world connections, that get results.

We offer an array of services from research and creative development to full production, to our main dish animation.


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