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The talented team at Semi Famous approached us with an exciting opportunity to bring the data element to life for their innovative project with Telit Cinterion. In a world where data reigns supreme and interconnected technologies seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, a remarkable partnership was forged. Semi Famous asked the team at Lulu Animation to help them create a captivating video that unveils the hidden enchantment within our everyday experiences.

Collaborating with Semi Famous proved to be an excellent venture. Damian and the team continuously amazed us with their visual treatments, selecting dynamic and stylish shots. Inspired by their creativity, the Lulu team embarked on a mission to track the camera and animate the data that powers the unseen network surrounding us all. Through a lively exchange of ideas with the Semi Famous team, we developed the perfect look and feel for the data, helping visualize the numerous scenarios in which connected technology operates behind the scenes, unnoticed yet ever-present.

The final edit seamlessly came together, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the shots we helped bring to life. The resulting piece is exceptional, skillfully demonstrating how data and technology synchronize flawlessly in our everyday lives. From the comfort of our homes to the bustling city streets, connected devices work their magic discreetly, empowering the world around us to thrive.

The next time you unlock your phone or interact with your virtual assistant, take a moment to marvel at the wonders of connected technologies that continuously shape our world. And remember, behind every groundbreaking creation lies a team of ingenious minds and visionary dreamers, weaving their magic to transform the impossible into reality.


We were on a mission to bring the data to life, we wanted it to dance, to tell a story, to captivate and intrigue. After some back and forth with Damian and the Semi Famous team, we landed on the idea of creating a visual representation of the data’s journey. It needed structure, lines that could show its movement, and so we got to work. With each iteration, we breathed a little more life into the data, and it was a beautiful thing to watch.

Every shot in the film was distinct, ranging from sweeping aerial views of motorways to depictions of robot factories and scenes of firefighters battling blazes. As a result, each shot required a unique approach, with the camera’s movements carefully tracked to ensure that the data added to the footage was seamlessly matched to the space it occupied and it worked with each shot Semi Famous selected and the data visualisation connected shot per shot.

It was a superb collaborative effort and it was great working with the Semi Famous team to create a fantastic final piece for Telit Cinterion. The final video went down a storm and we are extremely proud of our contribution.

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