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Embarking on the journey of creating a brand video can feel overwhelming, but fret not, for we have tailored three distinct packages dedicated to video production. These options are designed to assist you in discovering the perfect fit for your brand.

Seeking a straightforward animation? Look no further than our “Let’s Get You Moving package.”

Craving a touch of realism? Our “Live Action package” might be the ideal choice for you.

Yearning for our most comprehensive offering? Our “Animation package” pulls out all the stops, delivering a captivating, high-end animation that is bound to leave a lasting impact.

All our packages include the following just at different levels

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Our journey begins by working through the first creative stepping stones that will lead to your final product. Our team will begin by crafting mood boards, serving as initial visualizations to capture the essence of the project. Once we have captured the desired atmosphere, we will progress to scriptwriting, carefully fleshing out the content. Finally, we will weave our vision into vibrant storyboards, breathing life into the narrative envisioned in the script.

Voice Over & Music

The role of sound in videos is pivotal, as it greatly influences their impact. That's why we are delighted to assist you in choosing the ideal music selection that perfectly complements your project. Moreover, we are committed to finding the most suitable voice-over artist who embodies the essence of your brand.

Animation and Video Creation

This is where our team springs into action, transforming your project from mere concepts and ideas into a polished final product. Whether it involves motion graphics, live action, or 2D/3D animation, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with you throughout this process. We will provide you with early previews and renders to ensure that our work aligns perfectly with your brand's vision.


We'll provide you with the ultimate animated masterpiece, perfectly tailored to the dimensions and specifications required to showcase, elevate, and publicize your enterprise or merchandise. It's an exquisite tool for both education and promotion, enabling you to exhibit your brand in all its glory.

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Unbeatable Let’s Get You Moving Package

Get ready to move your brand to the next level with our unbeatable opening package! Our team of creative thinkers will take care of everything, from scriptwriting to final delivery, all we need is your branding and product imagery. We’ll produce a visually stunning and engaging animation that perfectly captures your brand’s essence, complete with the perfect music and voice-over to make it stand out. Let us help you shine and make a lasting impression!

From £3,000

Lights, Camera, Action Live Action Package

Our live action package offers the perfect solution for productions that require a human touch and are not suitable for animation. Following a similar structure as our previous package, our focus is on capturing the perfect collection of shots to highlight your brand and product. With access to our trusted library of footage, we can tell any story you desire without limitations. Simply provide us with a brief and we’ll get to work telling your story and promoting your product or service.

From £4,500

Unstoppable Animation Package

Take your branding to new heights with our unmatched top-tier package, personalized exclusively for you! Just give us a brief for your video, along with your branding, and our team of creative professionals will begin creating a unique 2D or 3D animation customized to your specifications. From script development to final delivery, we manage everything to guarantee your visually striking and captivating animation flawlessly reflects your brand’s identity. With the ideal music and voiceover, allow us to help you shine!


From £6,000

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