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We help you build stronger real world connections that get results

Lulu is a creative animation studio that brings brands, stories and products to life. We have the tools and people to create the ideal animation for your business. It only takes one great animated video to provide immense reach, speak directly to your customers and make your brand stand out.

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Our team of imaginative visual thinkers approach each project from all directions to ensure a new approach and help you build stronger real world connections, that get results.

We offer an array of services from research and creative development to full production, to our main dish animation.

Let’s get you moving

Driving stronger real world connections that get you results.

We don’t just build animations that look good, we build animations that work! We put people at the heart of everything we do, from initial concept through to final delivery. Helping better connect you to your audience.

How we work


The Brief

The project kicks off with a chat about what you want. You might be looking to promote your brand, a new service or a product. Then it's your goals from the animation, is it brand awareness, introducing staff to a new tool, promoting a new product or customer engagement.



Then it's on to your goals for the animation - how do you want to measure it's success? It maybe that you're getting more clicks through to your site or Facebook page likes. It might be the number of staff you have trained up or the number of product sales.



The budget is a major factor in the brief stage - how much are you wanting to spend at this stage, consider its usage, where it will be used and for how long. If it's a one-off video, then a big budget may not be justified, but if you plan to run it as an advert across TV or YouTube, then a bigger budget will be best.


The Script

On to the scripting, this is where we start to flesh out your wants and needs into something more creative. Our copywriters will work with the creative team to write an engaging narrative based on everything discussed in the kick-off meeting.



This is when we get all Pinterest on the project collecting images and art styles that would suit the project, this process helps us to get a better sense of how you might want your animation to look. Taking those art styles and applying them to the artwork we create for your animation.


Art Direction

Once we have a better idea of the art direction and style, we then move on to creating art styles, creating a collection of style boards that we feel suits your brand and the project.



For us, this is one of the most vital steps in every project, mapping out the animation in terms of what happens, when and any motion, so we know exactly what to execute when it comes to animating.


Voice Over

We know the tone of the animation which doubles as a brief for auditioning voice talent. We generally have a time limit on auditions to ensure we don't receive too many. Once received we select five of the best for you to review. Once selected we have the live recording session.


Time to Animate

You're happy with the art direction, storyboard and voiceover. Using those as our guide, we move on to the fun part. It is now time to get things moving! It is handed over to the animators who will drop keyframes like no tomorrow, bringing everything to life. During the animation process, we work closely with you, delivering pre-renders of each shot to make sure you're delighted with the way things are moving.



That's almost a wrap - we'll deliver your animation in all the formats you need to get going. It doesn't end there, we will coach you on the best way to get the most out of your video and if possible help you to look at other ways your animation can be used or amended for different formats, such as YouTube or Facebook.

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