Country Hotel Breaks

Pure hotel luxury in a voucher

About the project

Creating a TV advert for Country Hotel Breaks was an exciting project that allowed us to showcase their luxurious offerings in a unique way. Our team used the innovative popup voucher creative to highlight what customers can expect when booking a stay with Country Hotel Breaks. The pop-up book concept allowed for seamless transitions from one scene to the next, simply by opening and closing the voucher.

Country Hotel Breaks is known for providing unforgettable mini-breaks at some of the most breathtaking boutique hotels across the country. Our goal was to promote their vouchers by showcasing the entire customer journey, from arrival to unwinding in the spa. Our approach was a resounding success, and the voucher proved to be the perfect tool for smoothly transitioning between scenes.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The popup voucher creative allowed us to create a visually stunning advert that perfectly captured the essence of Country Hotel Breaks’ luxury offerings. It’s safe to say that the final product exceeded all expectations and Country Hotel Breaks now has an advert that truly showcases their exceptional services.

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